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Happy Holidays one and all! Please accept our deep gratitude for being a part of our Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness (YWW) community. We are really happy to know that you choose to read and watch our content and engage with us for Cleanses and courses!


We’re excited to announce changes coming in 2018, please read on! In the new year the name Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness will change to Yoga Beyond the Poses (YBP).  From the YBP virtual platform Sarah will teach and guide to offer you a place to learn what to do next in your body and  mind to get closer to personal freedom. Deb is responding to a deep calling to provide stability and calm to teachers and students by teaching yoga and meditation in the public schools. Demi is deepening her teachings to her many local students, continuing to develop various community projects and focusing on family, fun and adventure.


While we will now be working independently, you will also find a new depth of collaboration emerging to serve you. The results of the surveys and conversations we have had with you make it clear that you are interested in managing your minds, experiencing vibrant health and navigating a complex world with grace, courage, and support.


How would your life change if you knew how to access deep wisdom and be supported as you answered the question “What’s next?” In all of our teachings, be they virtual or in real time, we support you in learning answers to these questions. They could come in the form “What should I eat today?” or “Should I take/leave that job/relationship?” or something as serious as “Should I do the chemo?” All of what we teach leads to the keys to answering these questions life asks us everyday.

What does the transition from YWW to YBP mean for you?

  • If you are already on the YWW email list you will automatically move to the YBP list when the transition comes, so no worries there.

  • If you are a current member of our Wisdom Circle you’ve already transitioned to the new format so good on you!

  • We will continue to offer Cleanses, in fact the Anytime Cleanse is available to you right now. You can access all the information here.

  • Video Blogs will continue to land in your inbox.

  • There will be more to choose from in 2018 as Yoga Beyond the Poses rolls out courses and conversations to deepen your access to the integrated wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda and modern science. We will be to offering you a place to learn what to do next in your body and mind to get closer to personal freedom.

  • You can read more about us here:

 Demi || Sarah || Deb

That’s it! Whatever celebrations you choose this time of the year: Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Deep Rest, New Year’s or any other; may this be a time of clarity and of deepening understanding in your life.




From Demi:


Yoga Wisdom and Wellness has been a wonderful team endeavor - Deb, Sarah and I working together to serve our community, with our skills and doshas complementing one another. It is my privilege and honor to be a part of this community and I look forward to what may develop as a result of the changes and evolution of our offerings.


For now I will continue sharing the incredible life changing practices of yoga and Ayurveda to my local students - something I truly enjoy. I am also furthering my studies of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda; this will enhance my knowledge and skills so that I can deepen my own practice and share the teachings with others. I anticipate wonderful experiences and opportunities in the future.


Other than teaching my weekly classes and occasional special events, I will be on a sabbatical of sorts, taking time for self-care, fun and adventure, spending precious time with my 91 year old mother, and giving myself the space I need to decide what is next.


I love teaching, and I love sharing these phenomenal practices. I know that I will continue collaborating with Deb and Sarah and I also envision myself expanding into new realms. I look forward to growing in community and sharing this mutual desire for health, wellness and happiness, enhancing our lives together.


I'd love to stay connected.  Please feel free to email anytime!


In appreciation and with anticipation,






From Sarah:


Dear YWW Community,


 I’m writing to you on a Sunday morning, and before I got started the thought crossed my mind: “Call Dad before you start working.” That has been my Sunday morning routine for the past 35 years, calling my parents on Sunday morning to check in.


My Mom died in 2008 and it took me two years to stop reaching for the phone to call her. My Dad passed in August during the solar eclipse. I’m still reaching for the phone.


Here they are in 1952 on their honeymoon!


Life is full of transitions isn’t it? One of the greatest constants in life is change; from my new shoes to life without my parents, the wheel keeps turning.


The evolution of Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness to Yoga Beyond the Poses has been organic. YWW was born from Demi, Deb’s and my shared experiences of yoga and Ayurveda. Our lives continue to be transformed by the practical daily wisdom we have discovered, and we are passionate about sharing it. In this next phase I’ll continue to have a steady virtual presence, while Deb and Demi are opting to serve our home community in real time. They will partner with me on some courses, and together we will be offering a Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. But for now, expect to see more of me online.


Yoga Beyond the Poses will make the wisdom teachings of yoga, Ayurveda and modern science available to you and bring them into practical ways of living. We’ll delve into body, mind and soul with top notch content and community, and create methods for accountability that will bring you the lasting change for the better life you are seeking.


Thank you for being a part of our community, together we are unstoppable!


With Love,

India in White.jpg


P.S.  I love hearing from you.  To respond with your comments or feedback, please email me.






From Deb:


As many of you know, I’ve been a public school teacher for almost thirty years. This past school year was a wake-up call for me. In Grand Junction, Colorado, the small city where I teach, 7 teenagers successfully committed suicide - one of them a former student of mine.


This epidemic of suicide by young people poised to step into the freedom and promise of adulthood shook me to my core, and sent me deep into my aching heart.


I considered abandoning ship, relieving myself of the heartbreak and hard work of showing up at school everyday. But something in my heart was calling me, and I spent a good part of the summer listening. What I heard was that it is my dharma to devote more time and energy to my calling – teaching and learning in the public schools.


What I heard was it’s time for me to share the wisdom and tools from the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda with the teachers and students I serve. When I listened, I realized that these tools are needed now more than ever to live a balanced life in this chaotic,  unpredictable and stressful time in history, and I’m positioned to share them outside the yoga room.


Once I embraced this renewed calling, things began falling into place. I know you know what I’m talking about: the synchronicities that guide us when we are aligned with purpose can be surprising but welcome.

So far, I have presented a workshop for teachers interested in using yoga and meditation techniques in their classrooms at a Colorado Teacher’s Conference in Denver. Over eighty teachers attended! In the public middle school where I teach, twenty girls are enrolled in a yoga class during the school day.


To do this work,  I am stepping away from my role at Yoga Wisdom and Wellness to be more present for teaching the wisdom of tradition in a setting whose cry for help can not be ignored.


Of course the YWW community, Demi, Sarah, and our work together will continue. The structure is simply changing. While you may see less of me, know that my heart is with you all as you continue to grow, evolve and serve purposefully. IMG_2996.jpg


I remain yours in Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness,



P.S. How I continue to bring this wisdom  to our children and the devoted teachers that dedicate their life to them is under construction. So stay tuned, and email me if you have ideas or experience in this realm!




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