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For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, happy early spring, for our friends below the equator, are you feeling the coming of fall?


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video for you.  I’ve been both busy and laying low, an interesting combo.  I’ve been externally busy writing and launching a Teacher Training and Yoga Immersion and creating the Living Wisdom Circle, a soon to be available online program.


It’s been an easy, mild winter here in the mountains of Western Colorado, I’m grateful for the time to tend to my family, hearth and health. ( In the  Ayurvedic framework, I’ve been building ojas, the vital sap). And the health tending is paying off! A year ago I knew something was wrong: fatigue, low mood, weight gain sugar cravings had me miserable and puzzled. I simply couldn't figure it out myself. It took awhile for me to get over myself and ask for help; but when I did I was quickly lead to Dr Brad Rachman, Functional Medicine Doctor and Healer.


Since May I’ve been chronicling my health journey, you can catch those videos here.  Dr Brad and I have uncovered genetic codes that result in Metabolic Syndrome, the reason for my symptoms.  Working from a Functional Medicine matrix, activating epigenetics and tracking with blood, urine and saliva analysis my Metabolic Syndrome is resolved, and I feel 200% better in mind and body. Ayurvedically speaking, the ama that caused deranged agni (or metabolism) has been eliminated.


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And download the PDF  with the framework for healing.



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