Sarah’s Grief VLOG

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Many of you know my Dad died peacefully during the solar eclipse on August 21. I’ve just returned home to Colorado from Rhode Island and a weekend of celebrating his well lived life with family and friends.  On Saturday we had a powerful church service followed by a food and music filled reception.


On Sunday we planted daffodil and tulip bulbs on the family plot, using some of his ashes as fertilizer.  Then we sailed away into Narragansett Bay and the Atlantic on a mystical voyage with a fair breeze, fog, sunshine and seabirds.  We buried him there in that watery wilderness, tears, laughter, stories and love carried his cremains into the deep, his favorite place on the planet.


I’m navigating my experience day by day, the wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda at my side.  I made this Grief VLOG for you because we are all grieving something, and we live in a culture that doesn't do grief very well.  Let’s change that by telling our stories. You can download these Grief Tips and post them as a reminder to take care of yourself.


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