Metabolic Syndrome

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Well, could you? Could you have Metabolic Syndrome and, like me, not know it? Get online and you will learn that 20-30% of Americans have Metabolic Syndrome. Ask my Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Brad Rachman, and he will tell you that number is closer to 50%.

So why me? Healthy, athletic, yogini practicing Ayurveda etc. etc., why did I “get” Metabolic Syndrome?  

In this interview with Dr. Brad we will explore this topic and take a dive into answering some of these questions. Listen in as I get vulnerable once again in my pursuit of vibrant health (which I know is your pursuit too!). This interview includes conversation about Metabolic Syndrome and my brutal bout with West Nile Virus.

Please enjoy, and as always, I love to see your comments! 

If you have not yet seen the first video in this series you can find it here.

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