Do You Know Your Genetic Health Risks?

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In the last years of my Mom’s life she spent countless hours compiling family history through letters, photos and legal records. I was a busy young mother without the time to share her delight and discoveries; and quite frankly I didn’t find much relevance in it. Nowadays many of us have explored our family trees in more modern ways with or As these technologies have become available, I had only a passing interest. My focus was on the future, not the past!

In these past two years, as my health unraveled, my interest in my ancestors and their health deepened. My diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome was a game changer, because I recognized that this pre-diabetic condition runs in my family. In fact, it was largely responsible for my Mom’s death at age 76. You may have watched my video about Ancestral Health, if not you can find it here.  

It turns out my genetic health is a treasure trove of life saving information. The age of genomic medicine and healing is here, and available, if you know where to look. Listen in as Dr. Brad Rachman and I converse about how our genetic profiles pull back the curtain on disease, and lead us to vibrant health.

Please enjoy, and as always, I love to see your comments! 

If you haven’t yet seen the first two videos in this series you can find them here:

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