Yoga Nidra Series: Mini Retreats just for you!

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Grand Junction Yoga Nidra Series:


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What is Yoga Nidra and why would I want to experience it?  Yoga Nidra is a time-tested methodology for unwinding  the deepest layers of stress and disconnection that cause us unhappiness.

Here are 5 reasons to practice Yoga Nidra, which is, in fact, a form of meditation.

1. It’s ridiculously easy

All you need to do is lie down on a well padded yoga mat, close your eyes and listen to the voice guiding you. It’s that simple.


2. Increase the quality of your sleep

Practicing Yoga Nidra before you go to bed can help you sail off into the land of nod quite effortlessly. The more regularly I practice Yoga Nidra, the more consistent my sleeping patterns become and the more refreshed I feel when I wake up.


3. Relax your body

As you go through the body rotations in Yoga Nidra, you get to systematically relax every single aspect of your physical self. For those of us who find it hard to let go of physical tension, this part of the practice feels like a gift! It’s also a simple and easy way to get back to sleep if you wake in the middle of the night.


4. Yoga Nidra facilitates healing

Often used as a form of yoga therapy, deep rest and relaxation practices can help the body — and mind — heal and recover from injury and illness. The fact that the Yoga Nidra is done lying down without any physical effort at all makes it accessible to almost everyone.


5. Intuitive guidance

When the body and mind are relaxed, the doorway to your intuition (aka hunches, instinct, or those strong gut feelings) can be opened. Messages from your intuition are strong and clear so they stand out from the constant chatter of a busy distracted mind. I find that my intuition is incredibly strong in the hours after Yoga Nidra, and the more regularly I practice, the more I feel myself being guided by my higher self and less driven by irrational thoughts and emotions.


We would love to teach you this life-changing practice.  


Here are the details:


When: Sundays, Nov 12, 3-5pm, Dec 3, 3-5pm .  Register here

Where: Movement Therapies, 201 West Park Dr, Grand Junction

Price: $30 in advance, $40 at the door.

Register by calling 970-778-0253 or click here.

When: Saturday Nov 18, 3:30-5pm.  Register here

Where: Yoga V2500 Broadway, Unit D, Grand Junction, CO 81507

Price: $25 in advance, $30 at the door.

Register by clicking here.


It’s a mini-retreat for body, mind, and soul.  Treat yourself, bring a friend or family member and leave enlivened and empowered.  After the practice, you are invited to stay for chai and conversation! Register here.