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In an information saturated world, I take refuge in the arts, and poetry is one of my favorites. Loosening my grip on fact and opinion happens quickly when I read poetry. My body softens and my mind expands.  Have you ever had that experience?


The trouble is, I forget sometimes that there is a world beyond the call of  family responsibilities, the business, bills and taxes, my inbox, the news, and the beloved cats to be fed.


I think to myself; I’m stuck in my head (which rhymes with dead)! I don’t have time to indulge in the arts - there is so much other important work to do! Come to find out, it’s not an indulgence, it’s nourishment for my heart and soul that leads me to joy and sparks my creativity.


So I take the time to walk in nature, listen to music, visit an art museum or read some poetry. Often I have to schedule these breaks, literally putting them on my calendar. It means investing in concert tickets, or going to the opera with Deb. Or taking a poetry book off the shelf and pouring a cup of tea and abandoning my phone.


I’m never sorry when I do this; I’m always the better for it. Can you relate?  


My conversation with poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer was spontaneous. She sends out a poem a day via email, and on this particular day, her poem landed firmly in my heart and fanned the flames of truth. So I emailed her back with, “Do you want to talk?” She said yes, and the interview is now available for you to listen.


Listen in as we talk about falling in love with the world, everyday. Here’s a taste!


Self Talk

Even after I turn off the radio

there is a red voice below my gut

that repeats, “You should be very afraid.”

Out the passenger window

I see three elk bedded down

in the snow beneath a spruce,

and then I am past them,

looking up valley at the mountains

where the wind blows the snow

in long white curls off the peaks.

I want to return, I think,

to a different chapter—

but I don’t believe it.

There are no fewer opportunities

now to fall in love,

and there are a whole lot more

chances to be of service.

I tell myself I was born

for exactly this life—

born to see the frosted cottonwood trees

on the valley floor

flood with the low light of morning,

born to meet the fear in my gut

and carry it with me to do brave and beautiful things.


Notice how you feel in your body after reading this.  Now read it again, breathe and notice how the words land in your deeper self.

Leave a comment below and share your experience.



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