Why Cleanse? Part 3: Gentle Cleanse At Home

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Remember back to a time when you felt 100% amazing in your body, mind and soul. Maybe you were a kid with a tree fort and a best friend to go with it. Perhaps it was meeting the love of your life and taking that camping trip when every sunset was beautiful. Or was it a yoga retreat when all your cares and concerns fell away and you felt the full force of your spirit rise?


Whenever it was, that was an experience of your True Nature. The real, whole, complete you, living in powerful alignment.


Yoga teaches us, and we know from experience, that the physical body is the first layer of us. Ayurveda is designed to cleanse, strengthen and align that physical body; the first step in communing with our True Nature.


All this may sound intimidating. It’s true that the goal of living our purpose with gusto is a bold choice. It takes strength and focus. Cleansing gives us just that: strength, focus, clarity and resolve. It’s easier than you think to Cleanse, especially with us at your side. Here’s the third video in our series. Devote a little time to watching it and discovering the easy steps to Cleansing.


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We offer a Spring Cleanse and Fall Cleanse each year - the wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us to sync with nature's rhythms for greater ease and enjoyment of life. And if you need a reset button between the traditional Cleanse seasons, we've created the Anytime Cleanse




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