Why Cleanse? Part 2: Cleansing for Mind and Body

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Raise your hand if you have a lot to digest from the holidays.


Food, family, fun and funky schedules are part and parcel of the holiday season. My house has one bathroom. When my kids and grandkids are here, there is often a wait to go pee! Now that’s what I call a funky schedule…


I love the family time, the tree, the skiing and sledding, feasting and late night board games. And I love getting back to my normal routine!


It used to take me weeks to settle down after the holidays. Leftovers, sugary treats, mixed emotions and a drooping tree hung on for too long. My jeans and my wallet were tight. I was tired and cranky and wondered why I didn’t feel more grateful and excited in the New Year, but instead wanted to take to my bed and read trashy novels.  


Then I began living my yoga by exploring Ayurveda and everything shifted. Everything! My mood and energy levels elevated; my weight and guilt decreased. I felt like the real me, living in my True Nature which is limitless.


Living in rhythm gives me energy and clarity. I sleep better, make better decisions and have more energy. I know how to design and live a daily routine that keeps me in rhythm with the day, the season and the cosmos. It sounds fancy, but it’s easy - easier than you can imagine.


We are committed to supporting you to thrive. This second video gives realtime tips and support for how to make 2017 a bold and successful year.  It’s a free video training designed with this New Year in mind - getting back into rhythm and those jeans!


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We offer a Spring Cleanse and Fall Cleanse each year - the wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us to sync with nature's rhythms for greater ease and enjoyment of life. And if you need a reset button between the traditional Cleanse seasons, we've created the Anytime Cleanse





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