Yoga Wisdom and Wellness has given me tools to make effective and healthy changes. Simple practices like oil pulling, daily yoga poses, and the tri-annual cleanses invite healing at a deep level and are easy and joyful to do.

After a cleanse with Demi, Deb and Sarah I lost 10 lbs and it has stayed off!

Work with these ladies, you won’t regret it.

Dulce Bell-Bulley MA CHT
Palisade, Colorado


Yoga Wisdom and Wellness has continually pushed my boundaries on how I view health, well-being, and aging.  Sarah, Deb, and Demi are a valuable asset to our Grand Valley community and one I certainly don't take for granted; the caliber of their training is difficult, if not impossible, to find in cities the size of Denver, so having them right here teaching every week is quite a treasure.  

Each class and workshop taught by Yoga Wisdom and Wellness is infused with substantial Tantric wisdom and Ayurvedic insight, presented in a way that is inviting and accessible to students from brand new beginners to 15+ year practitioners.  These teachers have tapped into the path of outer strength through inner strength.  

I lovingly describe Sarah, Deb, and Demi as 'the 3 wise women' to people interested in beginning a yoga practice or taking their current practice further. How fortunate we are to have these amazing women leaning so far forward into consciousness!

Heidi Ihrke
Grand Junction, Colorado
Co- Owner High Noon Solar
Yoga Teacher


The Cleanse helped me realize how much fun and how EASY it is to cook healthy things for myself. I get all teared up when I eat a home-cooked meal (which is happening basically every meal now....which is a HUGE improvement for me) and just feel it's such an amazing expression of self-love.

I feel lighter, more confident in the kitchen, and more informed about how to care for myself and what to incorporate into my diet. 

I AM IN LOVE WITH GREEN SMOOTHIES!  Recently I shared a Green Smoothie recipe with a friend and she tells me it has changed her life!

I loved the feeling of community we share as we cleanse!

Meg Townsend
E-RYT500, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki Master
Real Living Yoga


JohnThe YWW Cleanse was a big success for me.  It really works and can be easily fit into my busy life. Thank you, Demi, Sarah and Debra for guiding me to feeling so much better: cleaned out and energized.   

John Groo
Founder The Synergy Company, Moab, Utah
Owner/CEO Smart Systems, Mesa, Colorado.


AliCleansing, hydrating, and satisfying my body with all the essential nutrients it needs helps take away the power that food can have over me and my life.
The cleanse materials and the support from Deb, Sarah and Demi really helped to make this cleanse easy to follow!

 I now continue to carry out a lot of the principles I learned during the cleanse which has helped me to keep a healthy relationship with food, a healthy weight, and have a better sense of "hunger".  

This cleanse does take commitment but can fit into any lifestyle.  I would recommend the Yoga Wisdom and Wellness cleanse to anyone who wants to have more energy, sleep better, speed up their metabolism, lose weight, and just feel better.  

I had lots of energy, a great experience overall, and even ran a half marathon during the cleanse!

Ali Arapkiles
Virginia Beach, VA
B.S. Sports Medicine and Nutrition


MarceeThe first time I did the Yoga Wisdom and Wellness cleanse I had some concerns due to some autoimmune issues as well as the fact that I live several hours away from them.  Debi, Demi and Sarah lovingly guided me through the process with great skill.  The cleanse felt great and I felt confident in their expertise to answer all of my questions.  I have done many cleanses in my life but I felt that this one was very safe and yet extremely effective.  I felt fantastic after the cleanse and still use the tools that I learned.     

Marcee Gutman-Ballantyne
Pueblo, Colorado
Certified Yoga Teacher


drEllenI love the Yoga Wisdom and Wellness  yoga classes, they help me relax and tune into my inner strength.  The 9am Saturday class is a great way to get the weekend off to a good start.

Thanks as well for all the great Ayurvedic teaching!  I learn something new that enhances my life every time I’m with Sarah, Deb and Demi!

Dr. Ellen Price, DO
Grand Junction, CO


joannAs a result of my involvement with YWWI have not only maintained my flexibility; I am strong.  The Seasonal Cleanses have contributed to my overall wellness and made it simple to maintain a healthy weight.  The Ayurvedic teachings and cooking tips have added variety to my diet.  Actually, it is opening up a new way of eating.

Demi, Sarah and Debra  are all there on a very personal level.  I have always felt like they were truly concerned with any issues I might be having.

I would enthusiastically recommend Yoga Wisdom and Wellness to a friend because I know they would be welcomed and would receive individual attention.

JoAnn Miller
Grand Junction, CO
Spiritual Intuitive


jasonParticipating in the YWW fall cleanse allowed me to see what foods support me and what foods hold me back. Breaking the patterns of my daily cooking and eating routine with the pre-cleanse eased me gently into my conscious 9 day modified food intake. The fast day was my best one full of energy and clarity! I also very much benefitted from the intention to limit stressful situations and relationships and to be mindful when those situations came up, noticing how negative energy affects overall well being. And… as an avid lifelong coffee drinker it was also a challenge to give up my caffeine but 5 weeks out I have not gone back!

Thanks Sarah Demi and Deb!

Jason Rodon
Brekenridge, CO
Meta Yoga Studios


LeslieThe Fall Cleanse and Detox with Yoga Wisdom and Wellness was a wonderful way to jump start my transition into fall after a fun filled summer.  The mindfulness that this process brought to my relationship with what I eat, when I eat it and how I eat it was very effective in reestablishing healthy, conscious and more informed eating habits.
I enjoyed the online Facebook forum, the group support, feedback and shared knowledge that comes with a group cleanse.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in being more mindful about food choices and for those who already eat healthy to take their knowledge of the food process to the next level.
I am looking forward to the spring cleanse and intend to participate with  YWW seasonally for these cleanses as well as enrolling in some of their up coming online living balanced classes.

Leslie Ross


Leslie-2Participating in the cleanse has given me greater awareness and taught me to take time to savor every bite! During the cleanse I spent more time in the kitchen trying new recipes and actually enjoyed it.  I now also look forward to drinking spice water, which has helped me reduce my coffee consumption and maintain energy and balance throughout the day.  I feel I'm learning so much from not only the cleanse but also the Super Saturday workshops. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.  

Lesley McWhirter
Ecologist/Outdoor Enthusiast


GretchinThis has been an amazing experience - my first cleanse. I learned a lot about myself and my eating habits.  As a result I'm sleeping better, and I feel better!

One of my goals was to shed a few pounds, which I did – 8 lbs, perfect. Everyone told me I’d just gain it back as soon as the cleanse was over. However, I truly have changed my eating habits as a result of the cleanse, and I have not gained an ounce.  Even though I wasn't a big sugar eater, I'm a new person without it!  It's amazing how sugar sneaks into our diets without even realizing it. I also totally gave up artificial sweeteners.

I did so much better than I thought I would. I was a little nervous going into this, but I did really well and my even husband was impressed with how I did. Thanks, ladies, for a great experience! I'm recruiting all my
friends and family, and I will definitely be back for the Spring Cleanse.

Gretchen Davis
68 Year Old Busy Bum

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