Summer Ayurvedic Tip

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It's so easy to get over stimulated and over heated in high summer.  Here's another short video for you with a summer tip and a special invitation. Don't miss out on our special limited time offer, and thanks for listening!


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Maybe you don’t have kids in your life, but you might know someone who does. Is there someone in your life that could use the support and inspiration of Born Free? Just forward this e-mail and get your free pass now. Once in, you’ll get info about when to listen in, and you can also purchase the Playlist at the special event-only price as a gift for someone!


We’ve added three great bonuses for when you purchase the Born Free Wisdom Playlist:


Born Free Bonus 1:

A free copy Homeopathy First Magazine's Birth Edition! Over 120 pages full of informative articles, resources and inspiration. Enjoy written word, videos, and audios within this multi-media magazine, available for android and apple devices (phones and tablets) as well as laptop and computers.


Born Free Bonus 2:

A free story from Intuitive Storyteller Leo Sofer of Palace of Stories. 
'The Sun's Message' is a short audio story for kids, wherein the Sun takes the role of that divine, unconditional love that we all have inside. The Sun wakes up one morning and is filled with a huge, almost unbearable love for the children of the Earth. But how can she get that love across? Her various attempts at doing so will engage your children’s curiosity. And there’s something in this story for you: I’m sure you’ll be heartened to hear how she succeeds in the end!


Born Free Bonus 3:

A free copy of the eBook 'Sacred Self-Care for Moms: 7 Steps to Nurturing Yourself So You Can Be the Mom You Were Born to Be' by Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach and bestselling author. Amy is taking a STAND for women to STOP being so hard on themselves and START practicing self-love and self-compassion instead.


Join us for the upcoming July installation of Born Free: Sunday, July 24th - Monday, August 1.


To join in get your free pass here.




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