Now What for Sarah’s Health?

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Now What for Sarah’s Health?

If you don’t know yet, I’m chronicling my experience with Metabolic Syndrome, this is the second video I’ve made to share and connect with you (you can watch the first video here). The e-mails and comments I’ve received so far have been supportive, provocative and helpful, please keep them coming. Many of you are dealing with misaligned health, autoimmune diseases in particular. Some of you speak of your struggles with depression, anxiety, discouragement and loneliness.


It’s as if there is an epic battle being fought within us between the light and the dark, and it’s showing up in our bodies and minds.  As a Tantric Practitioner I hold that we are both, and it’s how we manage our dynamic relationship with the light and the dark that keeps us engaged.


I’m using a lot of straight up western medical science to restore my health.  And I’m working mythologically, as well as with energy medicine, while my Ayurvedic practices hold me steady. More on that later, it’s time for my afternoon Yoga Nidra practice. Please leave a comment below and share your ideas and support me in my journey to a new level of vibrant health.



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