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It’s been 90 plus degrees for 5 days straight, and my house has no cooling system, just the shade from ancient cottonwoods and maybe a cool evening breeze. Add to that the the American political scene, the violence all over the globe - and it gets hotter!


This morning I spent time in meditation seeing myself as as an ice cube.  I’m not kidding.  I worked it long enough to actually feel coolness emanating from my forearms.  And I reminded myself for the rest of the day I was an ice cube.  Whenever I felt the melt I had a cool drink, did a little of the Cooling Breath, and stayed still until it passed. It worked! I stayed cool in my mind and body as the sun soared through a cloudless sky and it was 94 degrees in the shade.


Last week I listened to Christmas music in my car driving into the Grand Valley where the temperature hovered around 100 degrees.  Frosty the Snowman cooled my mind, and my mind cooled my body.


The more I meditate the easier it is to manage the mind.

You might be wondering:

How to manage the pressure and “heat” of political turmoil and change in our lives.


Grab a cool drink and join me on my patio!



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