Cleansing Couple and Family

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Cleansing Couple and Family

Fannie and Paul share their experience as a Cleansing Couple, doing the Spring Cleanse with Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness. These University Professors are parents of 3 kids all under 6 years old. Have you wondered what it might be like to cleanse with your significant other? 

These two share how their experiences were different, and also similar.

One of the myths of cleansing is that you'll feel horrible and it will take away from your life. Yes, that can happen. And yet, to dispel this myth, Fannie talks about what she kept up with during the cleanse: potty training her 2.5 year old twins, while working to complete a school year as a University Professor. 


Benefits that they share, which you may experience by cleansing, too!

  • More energy
  • Understand hunger better
  • Clarifying relationship with food and what it needs to run well vs what 'clogs it up'
  • Losing weight despite eating well (not feeling hungry)
  • Feeling more of yourself
  • Greater awareness


Join Us for a Cleanse

We offer a Spring Cleanse and Fall Cleanse each year - the wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us to sync with nature's rhythms for greater ease and enjoyment of life. And for those of you who need a Cleanse between the traditional Cleanse seasons, we've created the Anytime Cleanse




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