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Anytime Cleanse

10 days to a Light Body and Clear Mind

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Thanks for visiting this page to find out more about the mind body benefits of cleansing. If you have been wondering how to have more energy, fewer aches and pains and more self determination to guide your life a purposeful way, this cleanse may be a fit for you!


If you’re like many of my clients, you’re ready to get lighter and stronger in mind, body and spirit. You’d love to feel clear, energized and motivated each day. But instead, you’ve hardly slept, you feel sluggish and unfocused every morning. There is no time to take care of everyone else, let alone focus on yourself!


Do you wake up feeling….

  • creaky and stiff
  • scattered and unfocused
  • constipated
  • fatigued
  • frustrated that you keep getting sick or ill

You look in the mirror and think, who is that? You may feel yourself aging, though inside you still feel 29. You are ready to be the vibrant, free version of you again! To embrace each day with energy, focus and purpose, and to make your difference in this crazy world.

You know your body needs a reset, but you just don’t know where to start. Or, you know what to do, but it’s hard to stay disciplined by yourself.

It’s within your reach to get revitalized, beginning now! The path to the clarity, focus and love of life you crave is before you, and we know how to get you on it!

I’m Sarah Hutchinson, and I’ve partnered with my friends Demi Garner and Debra Weller to help you return to your true nature, your vibrant self. In our study of yoga and Ayurveda, we’ve discovered a key practice that can revitalize and renew your mind, body and spirit any time you need.

So we’ve created the Anytime Cleanse.

The Anytime Cleanse gets you back to feeling:

      • lighter and energetic
      • productive and focused
      • a renewed sense of vitality and ease
      • attuned with your better nature
      • fewer cravings
      • easy movement in your body
      • relaxed and refreshed
      • stable and self directed

This 10 day Cleanse will rest your system, kickstart your metabolism, get your mind clear and make your favorite jeans fit again!

And the best thing is you can do the Anytime Cleanse, whenever it’s right for you! We know how busy you are.  Lots of our clients asked for a Cleanse they could do when it worked for their schedule. With the Anytime Cleanse you can choose your timeframe.

Once you purchase the course, the materials are accessible to you to do the Cleanse whenever you make the time for it.

The Anytime Cleanse is best done with a clear intention. Pick ten days when you can set aside some extra time to prepare simple foods, rest, get gentle regular exercise, and cut back on your media intake.



500px-Hot_logoI feel peaceful, grounded, nurtured and energetic!
“As an RN of 34 years I was curious about Ayurveda and how it balances mind, body and soul. I was ready to rest, rejuvenate and reset my body and mind, so I chose this Cleanse. Demi, Sarah and Deb guided me with patience and knowledge through my first Cleanse; I plan to be back to Cleanse again!”
Theresa Harkreader
R.N. Palisade, CO

image03I feel lighter now!
“I feel lighter, more confident in the kitchen, more informed about how to care for myself and what to incorporate into my diet.”
Meg Townsend
E-RYT500, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist,
Reiki Master Real Living Yoga
reallivingyoga. com

The Anytime Cleanse is best done with a clear intention. Pick ten days when you can set aside some extra time to prepare simple foods, rest, get gentle regular exercise, and cut back on your media intake.

What this Cleanse is Not

This is not a detoxing experience. The Anytime Cleanse is designed to rest and reset your metabolism. For a deeper detoxifying experience consider joining our Elevate Your Energy Spring Cleanse.

It’s not fasting.  You will be eating 3 meals a day and staying hydrated.

It’s not supplement based.  There are no special supplements, powders or herbs.

What this Cleanse Is

Accessible. You can schedule your 10 day Anytime Cleanse in a window of time that works for you.  The materials are in audio, video and downloadable PDF form, and are easy to access from our exclusive Member Page.  The food you will eat is available at your local natural foods store, or a regular grocery store that has lots of options.  The lifestyle practices we teach are easy to incorporate and don’t require huge changes.  Baby steps!

Affordable. The food you will be eating is inexpensive, simple and delicious.You aren’t asked to purchase anything fancy, although you might want to spend $10 on a tongue scraper if you don’t already have one!

Effective.  We are using the combined wisdom of Ayurveda and the insights of modern science to rest and reset your metabolism so you can get clear and light in your body and mind.  If you follow the steps in this Cleanse, you will get results!

ccd“I’m thankful for energizing practices to move forward…”
“After 1 ½ days on this plan, I awoke this morning to a deep sense of thankfulness. Thankful to have "enough". This is a first Ayurvedic cleanse for me and I’m coming away with energizing practices for life going forward. I feel successful! Thanks to Demi, Deb & Sarah for this structure of help & support.”
Judy Allen
Klamath Fall, OR

image05“My body is satisfied...and it was easy!”
“Cleansing, hydrating, and satisfying my body with all the essential nutrients it needs helps take away the power that food had over me and my life.The program and support from Deb, Sarah and Demi really helped to make this cleanse easy to follow! This cleanse does take commitment, but can fit into any lifestyle. I’d recommend this Cleanse to anyone who wants to have more energy, sleep better, speed up their metabolism, lose weight, and just feel better.”
Ali Arapkiles, Virginia Beach
B.S. Sports Medicine and Nutrition
TheWellnessChick. com


Here's what you get...

Module 1


Easing In

We’ll gently transition into your Cleanse with an emphasis on self-care.

You’ll discover …

  • The first step to stay on track with your cleanse
  • How to ease away from sugar, alcohol and distractions
  • Easy ways to boost your metabolism every day
  • Delicious menus with easy to follow shopping lists

Module 2


Rest and Digest

Give yourself full permission to rediscover comfort & ease in mind and body

You’ll learn…

  • Simple foods that gently eliminate toxins and kindle your digestive fire
  • Tap into deeper replenishment with Yoga Nidra and relaxation practices
  • How to create balance and strength through rejuvenation
  • Nourish your body to renewal

Module 3


Reset and Return

Keep the benefits, stay on track as you transition.

The secrets to:

  • Easing back with ease
  • Optimal metabolism and ideal weight
  • Seasonal eating for vibrant health
  • Staying light and clear, everyday

Let the wisdom of Ayurveda & modern science bring you greater clarity & energy so you live with ease. Welcome home to your true nature with the Anytime Cleanse!

How the Anytime Cleanse works

This self-guided program includes:

  • 3 in depth modules packed with learning & support
  • Members only library with audio, video and downloadable checklists
  • Easy to follow guidebooks to support you every step of the way
  • 3 months membership in our monthly group coaching Cleanse Club

You’ll get instant access to your member materials as soon as you enroll. And for those of you who need a little personal guidance, we offer an upgrade that includes private coaching.

Choose the level of support you need!

Sun Support
This powerful program includes full access plus two private 30 minute coaching sessions to set goals, answer questions and get personalized guidance (valued at $150), plus email support (replies within 24 hours) for only $179!
  • Set personalized goals for success
  • Receive live customized guidance for your body & your lifestyle
  • Stay on track, no matter what!


This is the best investment if you’re new to Cleansing or have struggled before and want to have greater accountability.

Bonus: 3 month membership in our exclusive monthly Cleanse Club where you can get personal support.


Moon Support
This program includes full access to the program and all materials for a self guided experience, for only $99!

  • Videos, PDFs, Checklists galore
  • Self-guided experience
  • Choose the dates that work for you




Bonus: 3 month membership in our exclusive monthly Cleanse Club where you can get personal support.

Act now to get this special pricing! Save $100!

Your purchase is backed by our complete money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, in the 60 days from purchase, you decide that the Anytime Cleanse is NOT right for you, email us and request a refund. We will completely refund your money!

Ready to Choose a life of Clarity, Vitality & Joy?


Choosing Anytime Cleanse takes courage! It’s time to reclaim your energy, get clear and motivated, with ease! The Upanishads teach us: “You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny."
Your desire to live a vibrant life of clarity & purpose brought you here. Pause for a moment and acknowledge your inner wisdom.
Now go forth and put it into action with the Anytime Cleanse! You deserve to feel great in your body and mind, now!
We're here with you every step of the way,
Sarah, Demi and Deb
P.S. Don’t hesitate, this offer is time sensitive, you don’t want to miss out! It’s time to get lighter in mind, body and spirit and feel clear, energized and motivated everyday. As you shine, so does the world!
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