A Cleanse for Men, too

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A Cleanse for Men, too!

Paul shares his experience Cleansing with Yoga, Wisdom and Wellness - which is just as much of a cleanse for men as it is for women! Yes - his wife brought him to the cleanse, and he's so happy she did!


Do you need a Cleanse?

Common challenges that men experience, which can indicate that it's time for a Cleanse:

  • Put on weight over the winter
  • Poor eating habits 
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Enlarged prostate causing issues with urination


Benefits of Cleansing

The benefits that Paul experienced, which could easily happen for you or your man:

  • Reducing coffee consumption and replacing it with
  • Weight loss 
  • Feeling younger 
  • Greater mobility 
  • Feeling full - having plenty to eat and increasing the quality of the food
  • Having a better relationship with and understanding of food - specific to your body's needs
  • Seeing your body respond and function well
  • Feeling more of yourself


Join Us for a Cleanse

We offer a Spring Cleanse and Fall Cleanse each year - the wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us to sync with nature's rhythms for greater ease and enjoyment of life. And for those of you who need a Cleanse between the traditional Cleanse seasons, we've created the Anytime Cleanse




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